Exceptio Sport®

Developed with World Ranked and Italian Number One Down Hill Mountain Biking Champion Lorenzo Suding, the eight styles Exceptio Sport® cycling range has at its core maximum comfort, cutting edge design and proven performance. Uniting the range are high-end levels of functionality with unique technical combinations and inspired features which delivers outstanding sports socks with dedicated to discipline performance. Exceptio Sport® is set to be the industry bench mark as each ‘sports specific’ sock style combines innovative attributes and is explicitly designed to meet the unique challenges your feet face during the sporting specialities of walking, running, cycling, court and snow sports. Visit www.exceptiosport.com for more information. And with generous terms and a huge buzz surrounding the range there has never been a better time to stock Exceptio Sport®. To register your interest in becoming a stockist simply send us an email and a member of our team will be in touch.


A high performance treatment with durable water repellent technology that adds functionality and delivers protection to a variety of yarns whilst maintaining the fabric’s ability to breathe and transfer moisture vapor effectively.


Workwear sock range is specifically designed for professional tradespeople combining high levels of quality and functionality; they are hard wearing and hard-working. The range comprises seven sock options which are competitively priced and each designed with specific attributes to deliver unique combinations of protection, warmth and comfort. Exceptio is now accepting trade applications for ToeCap™. To register your interest in becoming a stockist simply send us an email and a member of our team will be in touch.

The Garden Gallery™

This collection delivers practical, fun and stylish outdoor fashion socks for all the family. As a wardrobe staple they are ideal for all outdoor activities; from gardening, festival going, walking and relaxing, The Garden Gallery™ socks protect your feet from the elements all year round.


An anti-bacterial treatment keeps fabrics cleaner and fresher for longer. It neutralizes bacteria and is non-irritating for the skin.


A high performance yarn incorporating a multi-channel core which wicks perspiration away from the skin transferring it to the fabrics outer surface allowing a highly breathable microclimate. Hydrovent® raises our expectation levels for performance from a sports fabric by delivering extreme comfort, durability and functionality. For more information visit www.hydrovent.net


Cute and cool at the same time they appeal to everyone. The characters, made up of popular cultural icons, have been especially created with the sock format in mind ensuring they reproduce perfectly within the knit.


Bring comfortable relief to tired feet and enable rejuvenating indoor ‘freewalking’ through their carefully constructed double density terry cushioned foot and gripper sole. These socks, designed for superior comfort with super soft feather yarns, allow you to unwind in cosy luxury.